Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rocking in the Free World

Hey Hey Slynor,
Its been a long time since I have graced the halls of Delphi BC, but I will always consider the lounge my home. I hope all is well in the land of the North, and the wine still flows like beer and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of capistrano. I would like to throw in my 2 cents on the shpping cart/barbeque on the balcony, as one of its creators, I vote that it is kept there for all of time (possibly turned into a shrine to mr. crangle). I'm sad I can't partake in Tina's birthday box-social, I'm sure it will rival Halloween (just be sure to play at least one game of wine pong). And one last thing, Cyrus stop calling yourself c-dog, you will always be c-to-the-y cyrus. But thats all the typing i can handle, just post some picks of the party (blackdog hopefully)


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