Monday, May 01, 2006

The 29th of April and the last of April

On saturday it was actually my and Madelens birthday. I went to a sittning for team north in festmästeriet. It took place at Wermlands Nation and it was great. Bu there was one terrifying moment though. A friend of mine managed to tell the toastmaster that it was my birthday. They gave me a shot of something really strange two-colored... thing... All in the dual-spirit of the carneval. Here comes the worst part, I had to sing a song that I didn't know the lyrics to.. Bu I eventually made it through. As i sad, the sittning was great, especialy when you get to sit to really nice people..

Yesterday we were at the park as everyone else. In the beginning it was great, a bit cold ofcourse but still fun. After an hour or so it started to rain.. I still had a nice time because I was sitting under un umbrella and some blankets but there were others that weren't that lucky so we soon went home. At around seven the guests started to arrive for the barbecue. I was a bit worried in the beginning but as time went on more and more people came. I also got presents from my friends in the corridor and for that I have to thank you again guys, it was really nice presents! Some time after the barbecue the beerpong started and everybody had a great time. At around 2am the feeling of afterparty started so we went to my room and tried ot one of my great presents, the water pipe. Sofi from my carneval-group and two of her friends joined in with some of my friends from falkenberg and we had a great time.
Well, it 2pm now and I've just woken up so I better get out in the corridor and help the other people to clean up.



At 5/03/2006 1:59 AM, Blogger Giuseppe said...

Nobody is writing comments...i guess because the spanish girls came on sunday and now everyone is so busy to learn spanish...anyway we the cris birthday is just started. Let's enjoy and have good time. Tomorrow barbecue and SUPER party like the famous halloween party (someone put some posters in all delphi and in the town). We'll see.

At 5/03/2006 9:10 AM, Blogger Bea said...

Some posters...???? what about??? around Delphi??? Oh! maybe it's the poster I saw yesterday with the picture of a pretty girl inviting everybody to her Fiesta!!
I think I will go to that party...If someone wants to go, we could go together, ok??


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