Monday, April 24, 2006

oil oil oil

Word up,this is my first blog entry so bare with me.
Just need to say somthing first - bea will lose the bet because i always win our bets bea and dont you forget it so get ready to drink some really nice oil! mmmmmmmm it will be real good, and if anyone says anything bad about my really delicious, tasty wine again there will be serious consequences, insulting my wine is like insulting my child, mark my words!
i am suppose to be studying but as we all know i am not very commited when it come to things like work. anyway mabye there will be a forest on the way to the exam and i will get lost in it.
the weekend was pretty slow, didnt get very drunk but it was still good, apart from the annoying half british girl who just wouldnt shut the fuck up!
anyway must dash, C Dog


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