Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Football match

Hey everybody,
If you are coming to watch the football match, bring tissues, please, because Giuseppe is going to need them...he is going to cry a lot.
I'm sorry Giuseppe but you know it's going to happen


At 4/26/2006 8:20 PM, Blogger Cris said...

....its true....someone is going to cry tonight.....

At 4/27/2006 11:50 AM, Blogger Giuseppe said...

Milan played better than Barcellona.

At 4/27/2006 12:24 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

That doesn't really matter Giusseppe - they lost....

Anyway, it was fun yesterday. VGs was better than i had expected.

At 4/27/2006 1:42 PM, Blogger Cris said...


Sorry Giuseppe.....but you should have gone out last night with us to celebrate Milan played very good...jajajaja....but dont worry i said last night...."there are more days than watermelons"

I dont know what was funnier...VGs or Cyrus giving Joseph a ride in his fucking bike....

At 4/27/2006 3:27 PM, Blogger Cyrus said...

Tina, my bike kicks ass!! its the coolest machine out ther.

Also those who want to learn spanish should see me not the naughty girls, i have all that you need to know.
just ask them
"quieres benite mi casa esta noche?"
i dont think its spelt rignt but i am sure tinas friends will be happy to hear it, trust me!

At 4/27/2006 4:02 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

My guess is that it means:
"Would you like to spend the night with me?"

Seems like the only sentence you need to know :D. I even know it in french.
"Voulez vou couche avec moi cest soir?"

At 4/27/2006 4:42 PM, Blogger Giuseppe said...

I know other 2 ways to ask the same question in spanish:
-"¿Te gusteria acostarte commigo?"
-"Quieres follar con ti"

Spanish girls, is it right?

At 4/27/2006 6:04 PM, Blogger Bea said...

Hey Giuseppe, if you ask a girl the second question maybe she doesn't understand you because that question means more or less CASCADE, hahaha
then, you have to ask: ¿quieres follar conmigo? or maybe you wanted to say the other one because you knew the meaning...I don't know

At 4/27/2006 7:00 PM, Blogger Giuseppe said...

No, I didn't want to say "CASCADE"... but "CASCADE" is very close to "oral sex", and then maybe I'll keep the sentence...or maybe it's better if u teach me the correct question to ask that stuff.

At 4/27/2006 7:06 PM, Blogger Giuseppe said...

jejeje, I got it:

"¿me la puedes chupar?"


"¿puedes chuparme la polla?"

isn't it grammatically correct?

At 4/27/2006 8:51 PM, Blogger Bea said...

It's perfect but a little bit rude

At 4/28/2006 12:14 AM, Blogger Cris said...

Oh my God!!!!!

If my friends heard that......i will do like if i didnt read all these bad things......


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